Did you know that tourism is the 4th largest industry in Washington? That conventions, meetings and sporting events play a big role in travel to Yakima County? That you can make a difference in our economy through tourism? Well you can!

Bring It Home Yakima


Bring It Home Yakima is a project of the Yakima Convention Center, Yakima Valley Tourism, Yakima Valley Sports Commission and Centerplate Catering. Its role is to help local citizens, organizations and groups to invite and host their conventions, meetings and tourneys to the Yakima Convention Center or area sporting facilities.

"This was our first national truck show in Yakima and the tourism bureau went out of their way to make a positive impact. The staff helped provide unique tour ideas, make our guests feel welcome and assisted in finding hotels, advertising, maps, hospitality and more, which helped to attract more attendees. Yakima was a very welcoming city and extended help in many areas to make our show a success. It was one of our most memorable shows!"

Shelley Ruhlman, Managing Director
(American Truck Historical Society)
Bring It Home Yakima

This includes groups like the Elks and Rotary, educational organizations, trade associations, special interest clubs, hobby groups, youth and adult sporting events...the list goes on.

"When you live here you don’t often have the opportunity to experience how well the Yakima Convention Center runs on the inside. That's too bad, because it is a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE."

Dana Dwinell, D2 Communications
(Rotary District Conference Committee)
Bring It Home Yakima


The benefits are many. More visitors mean more jobs, more businesses, more sales taxes to pay for public services and a strong economy. Plus, we’ll be awarding those who help us bring events to town with great prizes like overnight trips and gift cards.

Join us in building our local economy by bringing groups to your home town. We’re here to help you all through the process. Click this link to fill out a simple form and we’ll be in touch to help you bring your event to Yakima!

"Planning for our conference couldn’t have been easier! The outstanding staff of Yakima Valley Tourism coordinated the facilities, catering and hotels for our entire event. Yakima is always a top choice for our conference and we look forward to coming back!"

Craig Warner, Conference Chairman
(Washington Finance Officers Association (WFOA))
Bring It Home Yakima

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